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Amending the Constitution


Now that we are versed in both the founding documents and Dahl’s critiques of them let’s do some creative work. This is an exercise to engage with the process in constitution drafting.


  1. Propose an amendment to the Constitution that addresses one of Dahl’s concerns. Draft the actual language of the amendment and be sure to identify specifically where it would go in the text of the constitution using the Article number and Section. If it’s an amendment give it the proper number.
  2. Explain and defend the amendment in no more than 300 words. Provide any necessary context, background and supplementary information so the reason for the amendment is clear and persuasive.
  3. Reference specific quotes, ideas and arguments from Dahl’s text in your explanation and defense.

Criteria for Success

  1. A clearly drafted amendment. Try to use the style and language of the constitution as best you can.
  2. Your explanation is detailed and you use persuasive language to convince your readers to adopt the amendment.
  3. Utilization of quotes, ideas and arguments from Dahl’s text integrated and utilized effectively in your explanation and defense.

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