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American Studies Question

assignment It deals with the continuing viability of the US Constitution
as the “Supreme Law Of the Land.”

United States Constitution was ratified is 1789. Since that time it has
served as the supreme law in the United States of America.

significant changes have occurred since the ratification of that unique
document. This country has gone through a Civil War, participated in many
other wars, including two World Wars, has gone through an industrial
revolution, endured a Great Depression and has seen many significant changes
including the expansion of voting rights, civil rights, privacy rights, gay
rights and numerous other constitutional rights and protections.

scholars now say that the United States Constitution drafted in the 1790’s by
exclusively wealthy white men is an out-dated document that is no longer viable
in today’s modern racially, ethnically and culturally diverse America.

On the
other hand, many other scholars marvel at the flexibility of the United States
Constitution and of the forward thinking attitude of our founding fathers who
created a roadmap for goverance that is able to accommodate the various racial
and cultural changes that have taken place in this country since 1789.

task is to discuss and analyze whether the United States Constitution should be
maintained and continued as our guiding force in national govererance or if it
should be replaced by a new form of national document more reflective of the
times in which we live.

You will
be expected to fully brief your position and be able to articulate with
examples, cases, laws or personal experiences the reasons for your
conclusion. If you decide to replace the Constitution, what will that new
document look like?

there is no right or wrong answer. I want a thoughtful three page single
spaced essay (maximum) explaining your reasoning.

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