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An Ethnomusicological Autobiography: A Personal Account of Your Own Music Culture

Topic: Ethnomusicology is the study of the music cultures of our world (i.e., World Music). For this assignment, you are asked to document your personal ethnomusicological background. What is your music culture? Where are you/your family from, or from where, or with what music culture do you most identify? How do you interact/participate with your music culture in your day to day life (what music do you listen to/attend/perform, etc.)? How does your family interact/participate with music culture? How did your ancestors? This paper should be biographically informative. Tell me about yourself and how you interact with the musical world.

Secondly, choose a song that represents your music-culture and analyze it using the elements of music terminology learned in class. Describe its form, texture, rhythm, melody, harmony, etc. If the music has text or lyrics, describe the meaning of them.

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