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answer 2 discussion questions

Question 1

Suppose you are the manager of a chain restaurant (e.g., Chili’s, The Cheesecake Factory, etc.) in Los Angeles. The economy is doing poorly, and people are not eating out as much as they used to. If you do not do something soon to increase revenue or decrease costs, you may have to close the business.

  • What are some of the things you would do about this situation?
  • Describe why would you do each thing?
  • As the leader, how would you execute your plan?
  • Support your positions with academic supportQ

(Note: this is a chain restaurant so you cannot have your own “specials” or reduce pricing or anything like that – This is about your leadership)


This discussion question will help you prepare for your CLA2 paper and your final CLA2 PowerPoint. This means your DQ #2 will have a fair amount of detail. First, read the CLA2 assignment listed in Week 8 of the course. In your DQ #2 response, please provide an outline that itemizes the concepts you will include in your CLA2 paper and final PowerPoint.

Please be sure to include concepts learned in this course and information (findings, conclusions) from your PA1 –(Research, develop and write a 3 to 5-page APA formatted paper, which covers a leader (current or historical) who you admire. )–and CLA1– (

Develop and write a 4 to 6-page, APA formatted paper that a) compares and b) contrasts the leadership styles and scope of influence of two (2) historical figures. Remember, this is to be a perspective on leadership that requires you to perform research and analysis into how these leaders viewed themselves, and how others viewed them. )–

papers. Provide brief details for each outlined item. Keep in mind that you should have placeholders for material not yet covered in lecture from Weeks 6 and 7.

Here is an itemized list that summarizes the requirements of this DQ (include every item in the bullet list below, or you will not receive full credit):

  • Outline that itemizes concepts learned in the course
  • Include information (findings, conclusions) from your PA1 and CLA1
  • Brief details for each item that is outlined
  • Placeholders for material not yet covered

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