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answer the following questions for the attached file

Question #1 Using Financial Ratios to Improve Working Capital Accounts (5 Points)

Bobs accountant found ways that ABC company could generate more cash by improving two areas, Average Collection period and ABC’s inventory turnover. With the following information, calculate how much cash ABC company could generate within the next six months if she were able to improve her average collection period to 25 days and the inventory turnover to 5 times.

Revenue: 1,750,000

Cost of Sales 1,200,000

Trade Receivables 192,000

Inventories 250,000

Question #2: Calculating ROA Using the Dupont Financial System (5 Points)

The following Accounts are included in Marks financial statements:

Cash $15,000

Revenue 2,200,000

Current assets $400,000

Prepaid expenses $43,500

Non-current assets $1,500,000

Trade receivables $157,000

Depreciation/amortization $25,000

Cost of sales $1,700,000

Distribution costs $165,000

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