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Answer these questions about your news consumption

i will attach the assignment and the rubric plz follow the instructions .

Weekly Assignment 5 applies content from Unit 5: News and Current Events. Your lecture notes and Chapter 6 (pp. 89-107) and Chapter 7 (pp. 108-123) will help you complete the assignment. This assignment is worth 10 points and each question is worth 2 points. Your answer to each question should be 3-5 sentences. Make sure you answer each part of the question.

Answer these questions about your news consumption:

  1. Briefly summarize each of the six news factors covered in class. Which of these factors are most important to you when selecting the news stories you read and follow?
  2. Briefly summarize each of the four attention levels covered in class. Which of the four attention levels best aligns with your tendencies in taking in news? Please explain your answer.
  3. Please list three news sources you regularly use or trust. Why do you use or trust the sources you listed?

Next, visit the Media Bias Chart at this link and answer questions 4 and 5 (i.e., make sure to scroll down to find the Media Bias Chart once you have clicked on the following link):

  1. Where did the three news sources you selected fall on the chart? Were you surprised by where the outlets you use/trust are located on the chart? Does the placement of the news sources you selected seem accurate based on your experiences with these outlets? [If your news sources were not included on the chart, where do you expect them to be placed?]
  2. Select one news source on the chart you do not read or are unfamiliar with. Look through this source’s website and read a couple of articles. Did you find anything interesting on the website? Do you get the impression that this new source’s content aligns with the placement on the chart?

This assignment aligns with course outcomes 2 & 4.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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