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Last month the WSJ reported on the upcoming criminal trial of Elizabeth Holmes, former CEO of Theranos Inc. This has been a fascinating story of one of the largest frauds committed in Silicon Valley. The judge has recently ruled that former patients and doctors can testify as well as information regarding Ms. Holmes wealth and lifestyle can be disclosed at trial.

Instructions: Read the following brief article and embedded video within this article WSJ John Carryrou Reporting on Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes) as it is a little scary but interesting. Also check out the HBO trailer video link below and comment on your impressions of this fraud. There is no required length here. I just want you to be exposed to this case.

WSJ – Elizabeth Holmes Jury to Hear of Faulty Theranos Tests From Patients… (Links to an external site.)

Links to an external site.)

HBO Documentary Trailer: The Inventor – Out For Blood in Silicon Valley

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