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Fad diets are those aiming at a quick weight loss and typically have a large following. They are promoted by what are viewed as “experts” who are often influencers found on Instagram and YouTube. Sometimes celebrities endorse these diets and there will almost always be a book or two (or more) that provides instructions or details about how to follow the diet.

Research a fad diet using online resources. What are the main premises with this diet? Are any foods to be eliminated? Does this require any special foods?

What are the potential advantages? What are the possible disadvantages? Does this seem safe? Is this meant to be followed long term? Based on your review of this diet, would you consider this to be something acceptable to follow long term?

If someone you knew was interested in following this diet, what would you tell them before they decide to begin? Is there a better “diet” out there for sustained weight loss.

Initial posts are required to be at least 200 words and comments to classmates should be at least 75 words, unless otherwise directed.

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