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Army Briefing powerpoint

YOU CAN PIC THE JOB! IT HAS TO BE MADE INTO A QUICK POWERPOINT! Each student will choose the job / position they feel they will be in 5-7 years after graduation and will provide an informational briefing explaining what leadership style(s) they might be most reliant upon for success in the job / position using the leadership types, theories and/or elements discussed in class. This briefing will be a 3-4 minutes informational brief incorporating the types of leadership, levels of leadership and leadership characteristics discussed in class as they might apply to the job you hope to have 5-7 years after you begin your career. Part of the Army writing style is to brief bottom line up front (BLUF). As such, the expectation is that you will meet the requirements of the Rubric (posted in the resources tab) within the 4 minute max time.

Style/Types of Leadership



Management by exception: Active

Management exception: Passive

Laissez Faire

Leader Behavior

Directing (S1)

Coaching (S2)

Supporting (S3)

Delegating (S4)

Levels of leadership & skills required?




Leadership Characteristics

Adaptive leader characteristics

ALRM – three attributes & three competences

Rubric for information Brief 150 points (15% of overall course grade)

– 50% Content

– 20% Organization of Information Brief

– 10% Presentation Characteristics (Transitions, visual aids, flow of speech)

– 10% Presenter Characteristics (Prepared/rehearsed,clear/concise, confidence, tone, Loudness, stutter)

– 10% Time (3-4 minutes)

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