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Article critique

Obtain and analyze two articles on issues and research regarding Supported OR Customized employment. Your articles should not be more than 10 years old. You may also obtain articles related to Employment First, however, data-based articles may be hard to find since this is a more current initiative.

The first critique must be from an article that is a commentary (i.e., expression of someone’s opinions or thoughts). This critique should include the following: (a) bibliographical information – reference (b) article summary, (c) strengths and weaknesses of the article from your perspective, (d) relevance of the article to your work with individuals with disabilities or to individuals with disabilities gaining competitive employment.

The second article must be from a data-based article describing an original research study (vs. a review of the research) This critique should include: (a) bibliographical information – reference, (b) summary of study including what was measured, participants, and study results, (c) strengths and weaknesses of the study from your perspective, (d) implications for supported/ customized employment programs.

There are two article critiques and two scholarly papers during the semester. Specific content requirements for these will be posted in the corresponding module section. Each article critique should be a minimum of 3 typed pages and each paper should be a minimum of 6 typed pages (not including title and reference pages). In addition to the criteria posted in the module, additional consideration will include the following:

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