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Artist PowerPoint

I need a PowerPoint for a 3-5min presentation with full dialog (so I can read them in class) and 5 slides.

Again I need a full dialog for each slide to read it while I’m presenting in the class, but don’t put it in the slides and instead write it down in a word file.

And 2 academic sources in the end.


Professor instructions are down below.



You will research an artist-writer-making work related to digital
art. Your research will culminate in a presentation in class.


2.) Create a slideshow presentation
– Select 5 of their notable works to include in your presentation.
– Each slide should be one image with appropriate labels (title, date, medium,
– Information and talking points should not be on your slide.
– Minimum 5 slides and 5 artworks (one artwork per slide).

3.) Upload a PDF of your presentation to this assignment thread.
– Do not upload at PPT. Please use PDF format.

4.) Present in class.
– Presentations should be 3-5 minutes.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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