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assess the abdomen and neurological system

The purpose of this assignment is to practice the skills you have learned and demonstrate your ability to assess the abdomen and neurological system.


  • Inspect the skin and contour of the abdomen
  • Observe for peristalsis and pulsations
  • Auscultate the abdomen
  • Auscultate for bruits over the aorta, renal arteries, iliac arteries and femoral arteries
  • Percuss the abdomen
  • Palpate the abdomen (light then deep)
  • Assess for peritoneal inflammation
    • Rebound tenderness
    • Murphy’s sign
    • Rovsing’s sign
    • Psoas sign
    • Obturator sign
    • Cutaneous hyperesthesia
  • Percuss liver
  • Palpate liver
  • Percuss spleen
  • Palpate spleen
  • Palpate bilateral kidneys
    • Assess for CVA tenderness
  • Palpate width of the aorta

Nervous system

  • Assess mental status
  • Cranial nerves 1-12
  • Motor system: muscle bulk, tone strength, coordination, gait and stance
  • Sensory system: pain/temp, vibration, light touch, discrimination
  • Deep tendon reflexes

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