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Astronomy (Multiple Choice)

  1. Question 1

    4 PointsScientific models are used to ________.

  2. Question 2

    4 PointsScientific thinking developed only in the past few decades.

  3. Question 3

    4 PointsKepler’s third law, p2 = a3, means that

  4. Question 4

    4 PointsWhich of the following statements expresses what we mean by a scientific theory?

  5. Question 5

    4 PointsGalileo challenged the idea that objects in the heavens were perfect by ________.

  6. Question 6

    4 PointsKepler developed his model of elliptical orbits because of an 8-arcminute discrepancy between observations and a model of planetary motion with circular orbits.

  7. Question 7

    4 PointsNewton’s second law states: sum of forces = mass × acceleration. According to this, what property can you determine if you observe the acceleration of an object with a known mass?

  8. Question 8

    4 PointsSpeed and velocity are the same thing.

  9. Question 9

    4 PointsWhy are astronauts weightless in the Space Station?

  10. Question 10

    4 PointsMomentum is defined as ________.

  11. Question 11

    4 PointsIf an object’s velocity is doubled, its momentum is

  12. Question 12

    4 PointsWhat do we mean by a geocentric model of the universe?

  13. Question 13

    4 PointsWhat was the Ptolemaic model?

  14. Question 14

    4 PointsColumbus was the first person to discover that Earth is round.

  15. Question 15

    4 PointsHe developed a system for predicting planetary positions that remained in use for some 1,500 years.

  16. Question 16

    4 PointsTo measure the mass of an astronomical object, one can observe the orbital period and distance of a companion.

  17. Question 17

    4 PointsWhat do we mean by the orbital energy of an orbiting object (such as a planet, moon, or satellite)?

  18. Question 18

    4 PointsWhat quantities does angular momentum depend upon?

  19. Question 19

    4 PointsConsider the elliptical orbit of a comet around the Sun. Where in its orbit does it have the largest amount of total orbital energy?

  20. Question 20

    4 PointsWhich of the following best describes the origin of ocean tides on Earth?

  21. Question 21

    4 PointsAccording to the universal law of gravitation, the force due to gravity is

  22. Question 22

    4 PointsNewton’s version of Kepler’s third law states: p2 = f22g1q34g1 × a3In this equation, what does p represent?

  23. Question 23

    4 PointsRadiative energy is ________.

  24. Question 24

    4 PointsConsidering Einstein’s famous equation, E = mc2, which of the following statements is true?

  25. Question 25

    4 PointsAbsolute zero is ________.

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