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blog post to make ur client rich or famous

Blog post purpose:

subject – you MUST have a client

Write about something TIMELY – Blog posts

are different from web pages because they

are time-sensitive

Generate interest from prospective

customers or current clients

Increase traffic to a website, blog, or other online medium

Advocate or defend positions on topics of public interest

Identify by name and briefly describe a

client, which can be any organization:


Nonprofit or other organization

Governmental entity

Educational institution

Individual, such as a person at your place of employment

Choose a topic and writing style:


Fashion, Entertainment, Travel

Writing style:

Lists , Reviews , Instruction , Analysis , Forecasting


350-450 words on a topic

Include images and hyperlinks

Inform the reader

Make post worthy of sharing

Support with facts: surveys, research,

data, quotes, etc.

Write with style, but not irreverence

SEO-friendly headline of 70 characters or

less (including spaces)

After the article, write:

1) Search-engine headline of no more than 70

characters, including spaces. It can be the

same as the post’s headline if it contains


2) A summary of no more 160 characters that

would help the reader choose the post when

discovered in a web search.

3) Four keywords

Engage in the first paragraph of blog post

Ask an engaging question

Share an anecdote or question

Invoke the mind’s eye

Use an analogy, metaphor or simile

Cite a shocking statistic

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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