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brief overview of Delta and Alaska airlines and a brief company analysis


I need you to do a brief overview of the company and a brief company analysis (for both companies), Also identify the company’s Total Market Capitalization in the answers. In addition, you need to review their financial characteristics (Bloomberg Financial Software, S & P Net Advantage, +) for a very limited number of financial ratios.

I need you to answer this in a word document, and then create a PowerPoint slide representing the answers, and in each slide copy and paste the answers in the speaker notes from the word answers file.

The companies chosen are Delta and Alaska Airlines (airline industry)

I will provide you with a file that has the question, the question assigned is question #3-part c (only part c).

Also, I will attach a word document that has the answers for the same question from another two companies, and a PowerPoint slides for another two companies as an example for you to follow while answering and for you to see how I am expecting the answers.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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