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BUS Organization and Management

Answer the questions for a firm that you are assigned or suggest. Each answer should have at least three – four paragraphs and include how these conclusions were reached, as well as an example from the company that proves your point. I realize that some of your conclusions will be based on scant information, and that you won’t be able to go into depth with only three – four paragraphs, but you can show that you know what the concepts are, and how they apply to your company. Make sure you cite your sources; clear, concise writing, correct spelling and grammar count. This can often be the difference between an A and B, or a B and a C grade. Cite your sources in your text as well as at the end; make it clear if you are quoting a website, or an article.

Chapter 14 – Complete a balanced scorecard for the firm, based on public information. What measurements do you think they should identify for each of the four areas in the balanced scorecard? What targets should they set? How should they measure results? If you see that the company has done something similar to a balanced scorecard, feel free to include the information; just make sure you cite your sources. Do you see any evidence of measuring performance, using processes like TQM or Six Sigma? Organization: Bank of America

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