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BUS150 innovation

Successful businesses are often started to solve an intense problem or pain that is experienced by a great number of people.  Brainstorming is an exceptional way to use your creativity to identify new business concepts that solve these problems.  Therefore, the purpose of this assignment is to stimulate your creativity and increase the number of business ideas you generate.

Discussion Instructions

Comment on:

  • Part A – identify what two companies you personally like the most and what they can do to elevate their business? Do NOT think about solutions yet, as that will happen in Part C.
  • Part B – talk about what the company does/sells, what makes the company special to you, and their business model in your own words
  • Part C – now use your brainstorming skills to identify new products or services that can elevate your two favorite companies.  Get wild and crazy and list outrageous suggestions!  Be silly and have fun with this, as a good sense of humor will stimulate creativity.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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