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Business Analyst help

Should be very simple. Project is all about the role of a business analyst in a project. the domain is banking so think of a project in banking domain. first, let me know of the topics you have selected and if it simple for me then I will let you know to continue the rest of the assignments.

Answer question 1-4. word document attached

Business analyst PROJECT SUMMARY

Note: Prepare a write-up for your last four(4) projects. Follow the below instructions:

Team Size & Environment: Specify the team size and project environment, SDLC etc.

Project Description: Detailed description of the project, the functionality and data flow.

Different Modules : What are the different modules and what modules you worked on as BA?

Skills & Software Used: skills set and databases you have used in the project, Issue management tools, version controller, etc.

Roles and Responsibility as business analyst: Detailed responsibility on the project, your day to day activities, how you coordinate with the team, what are the major tasks you are involved with etc.

Project Name

Team Size and Environment

Project Description

Different Modules

Skills and software used

Roles & Responsibility

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