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Write a report of approximately 1,500 words (excluding tables/charts/references) on one of the following topics:

Demographic profile, employment status, occupational structure, distribution and inequality of individual income in Liverpool and Woollahra Local Government Areas (LGA) in New South Wales in 2016

Suggested contents:

Demographic profile of your chosen LGAs could include the following information: location (e.g. inner city, urban fringe, or other locational features), total populations (e.g. size, changes over times etc.), population age structure (e.g. pyramids, ageing or not), educational structures of the population (e.g. % of bachelor degrees and above), ethnic composition (e.g. % of Anglo-Celtic, Asian, or other ancestry groups), migration status (% Australia-born vs. overseas-born), and any other useful demographic information describing the differences or similarities of your chosen LGAs. This could provide useful background information and possible explanations for your discussion on employment and income distribution and inequality in the next sections. You could use data from TableBuilder and other sources (e.g. Community Profile, reports, or council publications).

Information on employment status (e.g. % employed or unemployed, % full-time or part-time) and occupational structure (% of professional, manager, or labourers in the population, etc.) of your chosen LGAs could be obtained using TableBuilder or other sources (e.g. Quick Stats or Community Profile).

Information on distribution (e.g. percentage distribution) and inequality of individual income can be obtained using TableBuilder. You are expected to first use TableBuilder to generate income distribution data and then calculate appropriate indicator (e.g. Gini coefficient) to analyse inequality of income in your chosen LGAs. You should remove negative income category when calculating percentage distribution of individuals by income ranges and Gini coefficient

Report 2 will be assessed by the structure and clarity of the report, application of demographic concepts and techniques, quality of data analysis, interpretation of the results, extensiveness of research and citations of literature, and correct referencing format.

Please make sure you have to apply concepts from the lecture slides I sent you

All the work must be original, Turnitin report is required

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