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Business Plan Executive Summary

Executive Summary Paragraphs

Note: Listed below are some suggested guidelines for preparing the Executive Summary. As appropriate for your business plan, include paragraphs or comments about the following.

a. Include the business name and location.

b. Provide a brief description of your company’s management capabilities.

c. Provide a brief description of your company including history (if not a start-up business), industry, and target market.

d. Describe your products and services and the marketing mix to be used to reach your customers.

e. Explain how (and why if you are confident) your company will succeed in the future.

f. Summarize your financial request (if you are applying for a loan).

g. Describe your funding requirements including how the money will be spent and your repayment proposal if you are applying for a loan.

h. Give a measurable profit projection

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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