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Business Policy And Strategy

Please keep each of your answers limited to two sentences MAXIMUM each, so be concise but still supporting your answer.

  1. Why do we focus on “above-average” returns in our strategy class?
  2. What would the Industrial Organization model say about the Cryptocurrency market?
  3. Distinguish between a Mission Statement and a Vision Statement.
  4. Name two Stakeholders of a company and why you think they are the most important ones to satisfy.
  5. Why is the “fit” of activities in strategy so important?
  6. What is the purpose of a TWOS analysis?
  7. Evaluate the Threat of New Entrants for the paperclip industry.
  8. Would Harley Davidson and Honda be in the same Strategic Group? Explain your answer.
  9. Name a core competency of FaceBook and justify why it’s a core competency.
  10. What business-level strategy is Pepsi pursuing? Explain.
  11. With respect to business-level strategies, what do we mean by “Dual Advantage”?
  12. Name a company that pursues a “Focused Cost Leadership” strategy (not any examples given in class) and support that conclusion.
  13. Explain how Tesla’s differentiation strategy permeates two stages of their value chain (be specific).
  14. Name two “Rivals” and *how* the competition between them has made them stronger (don’t need specific evidence here).
  15. What do we mean when we say that a firm’s board of directors is expected to use their knowledge and expertise to help a company avoid competitive blind spots?
  16. Give an example of a slow-cycle market and why it would be considered such.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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