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business staretegy

This submission will be done in two places.

Students can choose to use any of the free blogging websites below for the purpose of this assignment:

  • Microsoft. (n.d.). SharePoint. (Recommended)
  • WordPress. (n.d.). WordPress.
  • Wix. (n.d.). Wix.
  • Google. (n.d.). Google Sites.
  • Do not forget to reference your work. You are welcome to add external sources/links/videos to explain the ideas being discussed in this activity with the proper citations/copyright for any.
  • It is important to publish the blog every time you edit it.
  • This assignment is subject to the Late Submission penalty policy, namely 5% per day for three days.
  • This page will close and will not allow further submissions after this Late Submission period has expired.
  • In the event of an emergency situation preventing you from submitting within this time frame, special permission must be obtained from your instructor. Documentation substantiating an emergency is required. In such a circumstance, if the extension is granted, the professor will reopen the submission function for you on an individual basis.
  • Please do not email your submissions to your professor, either before or after the due date; all coursework should be submitted through the online course (Moodle).



  1. Student google sites:
  2. How to create a sharepoint site:
  3. How to “Print to Pdf”:…

Late Submission Policy


Create your blog home page. On the home page make a small “about the blog” section and a small “about us” section. Explain the purpose of the blog and a little bit about the authors of the blog in each of these sections.


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