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Can you help me create a website about physical activity and mental health

Websites are excellent platforms for explaining issues, policies, and proposed interventions. The task in this final project is to adapt one of your previous research topics into the form of a website to address a specific audience for a specific purpose.

This project was initially conceptualized as a follow-up on your white paper topic, addressing one of the specific audiences who would be affected by the findings of that paper (high school students, AI researchers, businesses looking to manage data effectively, and so on). However, you may choose another topic if you would prefer. Your website should address an issue that concerns your audience, explain the issue, and present possible next steps, including how they could get involved.

Your project will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Effectively uses the affordances of a website to convey information, including content, display, methods of organization, and links.
  • Demonstrates the appeal of the topic to a specific audience.
  • Organizes its content and other features of the website to a specific purpose with respect to that audience.
  • Draws on appropriate research to support the website’s content and gives appropriate credit to others’ work.

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