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Cas 283 Comm and Info Technology

Think of a personal example of mediated communication. For our purposes it cannot be a face-to-face conversation. It MUST be mediated through an electronic channel (text, phone call, social media, etc.). The best example will be a short conversation (when typed out the conversation should be about 10-20 lines back and forth) between you and another person that you know. Feel free to change all names for purposes of anonymity. If you have an electronic version of the conversation you can access feel free to copy/paste or screenshot into a form like the one below. If you do not have a transcript you should type the conversation in this way:

  • Person A: (type what was said…)
  • Person B: (type what was said…)
    • Continue in this fashion until conversation is over. Feel free to include emojis, pictures, or anything else relevant to understand the exchange.
  1. Use the communication model to explain the meaning in this conversation. Look beyond the messages to the channel, potential noise, encoding and decoding, and any relevant aspects of context. (250-350 words)
  2. Analyze this conversation using our discussion of technological factors that influence mediated communication AND affordances. This part of your analysis will focus primarily on the people involved and the technology used. (250-350 words)
  3. Discuss the perception process surrounding this conversation. Include as many parts of the perception process as are relevant. (250-350 words)
  4. Use at least two different theories we have learned about to talk about how you understood this conversation. Tell me about the theory (in your own words) then tell me how the theory impacted your understanding of what was happening. (250-350 words)
    1. This section could include many different things given the theories we have learned about so far. For example, you might talk about deception, cues, richness, social context, social presence, privacy, etc.


  1. Please include a word count at the bottom of each question and BOLD any course terms or concepts.

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