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case analysis 2400 words

Please read the case “climate change” and answer the questions below, also an exhibit is needed as well.

Please read the requirement carefully and provide a high-quality work, any late/ low quality work will be asked for refund.

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student will write an up to 4-page analysis (single-spaced with up to two pages of exhibits) of one of the course’s cases. The purpose of this memo is for you to prepare answers to the case questions. No outside research is required, other than the readings for the week and the case itself.



1. Why has getting countries to agree on effective climate change measures been such a difficult task in the past?

2. What was different that allowed the Paris agreement to be agreed to and signed?

3. One of Donald Trump’s first move was to remove the United States from participation in the Paris accord. President Joe Biden has promised to rejoin it. How will this affect how the organization functions in the future?

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