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Case Analysis: CDK Digital Marketing

Case Analysis.

Make sure to include at least 4 case questions , at least 12 sources including the article and 4 case recommendations.

Follow the Koepp Dollar Shave club example for the ppt slides. ( Follow the same order) .

Team Case Analysis Grading Matrix





Case Presentation

Presentation Deck

Informative and easy to follow



Presentation Delivery

Class Engagement

Clear and easy to follow

Relevant and stimulating questions for the class, ability to reflect on feedback and move the discussion forward

(0-100) 5%

(0-100) 10%

Case Discussion

Analytical Quality

Case Data

Case-based as well as updated and forecasted data on the company and its industry with notated references



Structured Analysis

Logically constructed analysis using conceptual frameworks from class (analytical models from outside of class can be added as well)



Case Recommendations

Case recommendations answering how the company move forward should follow from the data and analysis and express forward-looking marketing strategies




How well the presentation reflects useful insights, approaches problems from fresh angles, etc.

(0-100) 15%

Overall Evaluation Score



  • Grading Criteria. The matrix above shows the evaluation components of the team case analysis. Note some case studies provide clear concluding questions that easily fit as prompts for recommendations whereas others are more open ended. Regardless of the nature of case material, teams should reflect on what recommendations would be most relevant and are encouraged to make recommendations based on their own interpretation of key problems/opportunities to address.
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