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Case Presentation + Skill Building/Technique exercise + Process Recording

Assignment Description –

Present an abridged version of their case from Assignment 1 (case writeup) and facilitate a discussion/skill-building/technique exercise rooted in the assigned readings and case presented. The aims of this assignment are to gain exposure to clinical presenting, to use scholarly literature to inform framing cases and decision-making, and to practice group facilitation among peers in a professional development setting.

Students will be graded on two components:

Component 1: The student will present relevant information from the case (Assignment 1), including at least one scholarly reading into framing the case (approximately 3 – 5 minutes).

Component 2: After the student has presented their case, they will present a skill/technique and/or framework for intervention that is rooted in the assigned readings. After presenting the skill (approximately 8 – 10 minutes), the student will present a process recording (real or imagined), with the client presented in component 1, demonstrating how the skill is used. Following this, the student will solicit feedback on how the skill was used and lead a discussion with the class.

Notes – I will be attaching the case write-up aka assignment 1 and the readings that introduce the skill/intervention that must be used. Absolutely no plagiarism, easy vocabulary. No format (and no double space), make sure the assignment includes the following. A process recording is also to be attached. this can potentially be the format:

1. Relevant information from the case including at least one scholarly reading into framing the case),

2. present skill/and/or framework for intervention that is rooted in the assigned readings.

3. Demonstrate how the skill/framework intervention is used in the process recorded which will be invented.


Antony, M. M., Roemer, L., & Lenton-Brym, A.P. (2020). Behavior therapy: Traditional approaches. In
S.B. Messer & N.J. Kaslow, (Eds.), Essential Psychotherapies: Theory and Practice, Fourth
Edition, (
pages 111-141).

Hays, P. P. (2009). Integrating evidence-based practice, cognitive–behavior therapy, and multicultural
therapy: Ten steps for culturally competent practice. Professional Psychology: Research and
Practice, (40)
4, 354–360.

Hunter, S. B., Paddock, S. M., Zhou, A., Watkins, K. E., Hepner, K. A. (2013). Do client attributes
moderate the effectiveness of a group cognitive behavioral therapy for depression in addiction
treatment? The Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research, 40(1), 57-70.

Lastly some questions for the class.

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