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Case Study: Spreadsheet Decision Modeling

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The book

Powell, S. G., & Baker, K. R. (2014). Management science: The art of modeling with spreadsheets (4th ed.).Wiley.



Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs)

Question Number


Find some structured ways of dealing with complex managerial decision problems.

Question 2


Explain simple decision models and management science ideas that provide powerful and (often surprising) qualitative insight about large spectrum of managerial problems.

Question 1


Demonstrate the tools for deciding when and which decision models to use for specific problems.

Question 3


Build an understanding of the kind of problems that is tackled using spreadsheet modeling and decision analysis.

Question 4 and 5

Assignment Questions:

Read the attached article and answer the following Questions:

1. Explain the objective of this study according to your understanding (150-200 Words)

2. Why decision-making process is one of the most important issues in the area of management science? (150-200 Words)

3. What is the role of intuition in the managerial decision making? (150-200 Words)

4. What is the difference in rational and intuitive decision making style? (150-200 Words)

5. How this study is helpful for you in understanding the decision making process? (150-200 words)

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