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Chapter Analysis: Chapters 2,5,6

Each analysis must be a minimum of two full pages and no longer than three pages in length and must be single-spaced. At least ONE FULL PAGE of each analysis should include a summary of the major topics covered throughout the chapter. For most of the chapters, in order to cover ALL MAJOR POINTS in the chapter, you will have to extend the summary into the second page of the analysis.

Following your summary of the major topics in the chapter you should write at least ONE FULL PAGE in which you write a response to one or two of the Reflection Questions at the end of the chapter and ONE FULL PAGE o the chapter analysis. Please do not write out the question as a part of your response. Just begin your response to a question by using wording such as: “In response to question 1 …” Many of the reflection questions relate to work experiences that you may have had. If you don’t have any work experience related to the questions, you might respond to the question be discussing related experiences that you might have had with student organizations or other non-work groups. If you have no experience with any groups that relate to any of the reflection questions, then just write about your own opinions regarding the major points covered in the chapter.

TIP: You can put it all in one word document and separate each chapter instead of submitting 3 different documents.

REMINDER: the analysis must be one full page and the reflection questions must be one full page.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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