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chapter3 excel

2019 Skills Approach – Ch 1 Skill Review 1.2



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Steps required for project completion

1. Download

Click the Start File link, then complete the project using the instructions below.


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2. Upload

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3. Submit

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Previous Attempts

Best Practices

Project Instructions

In this project you will create a new workbook to track the cost of books for your college classes. For each book, you will enter the purchase price, the potential sell-back price, and the cost difference. You will calculate totals using AutoSum. You will then create a new workbook from a template, and practice changing the zoom level and arranging the workbooks.

Skills needed to complete this project:

  • Entering and Editing Text and Numbers in Cells (Skill 1.4)
  • Navigating a Workbook (Skill 1.2)
  • Inserting Data Using AutoFill (Skill 1.7)
  • Applying Number Formats (Skill 1.5)
  • Using the Status Bar (Skill 1.15)
  • Using AutoSum to Insert a SUM Function (Skill 1.13)
  • Entering Simple Formulas (Skill 1.10)
  • Using the Recommended Charts Feature (Skill 1.9)
  • Exploring Charts (Skill 1.8)
  • Creating a New Workbook Using a Template (Skill 1.17)
  • Checking Spelling (Skill 1.19)
  • Arranging Workbooks (Skill 1.18)
  • Changing the Zoom Level (Skill 1.16)

Important: Download the resource files needed for this project from the Resources link. If they download in a zipped folder, make sure to extract the files after downloading the resources zipped folder. Visit the SIMnet instant help for step-by-step instruction.

  1. Enter data in the worksheet as follows:
    Table EX 1.6 displays different textbooks and their corresponding costs, values, and the difference for each book.
    A B C D
    Book Cost Value Difference
    Book1 85 45
    Book2 100 80
    Book3 250 125
    Book4 80.95 24.25
  2. Use AutoFill to add two additional books to the list.
  3. Book 5 cost $125.00 and can be sold for $75.00. Book 6 cost $175.00 and can be sold for $100.00. Add these data to the worksheet.
  4. Modify the status bar to display the minimum value.
  5. Use the status bar to check the total value of the books and the minimum value.
  6. Use AutoSum to calculate total cost and total value. The totals should be placed in cells B10 and C10.
  7. Change the number format for the cost and value numbers to the Accounting Number Format.
  8. Enter a formula in cell D4 to calculate the difference between the cost and the value for Book1. The formula will use only relative references because in the next step, you will use AutoFill to copy the formula down the column.
  9. Use AutoFill to copy the formula to calculate the difference for books 2 through 6 and the total.
  10. Use the Quick Analysis tool to insert a pie chart representing the cost of books.
  11. Change the chart title.
  12. Create a new file from a template called Personal Monthly Budget. NOTE: If you are unable to find the Personal Monthly Budget template or are unable to complete this step due to your school’s computer lab restrictions, download the template from the Resources link. Open the template and move on to step 18.
    1. Open a new file based on the Personal Monthly Budget template. (This step may require an active Internet connection.)
  13. The workbook based on the Personal Monthly Budget template opens. This is a complex workbook using many advanced techniques. The good news is that you don’t have to understand how this workbook was created in order to use it.
  14. You should still have two workbooks open: the textbooks workbook from the beginning of the project and the Personal Monthly Budget workbook based on the template. Arrange the workbooks so you can see both at the same time.
  15. The Personal Monthly Budget workbook should be active. If not, click the title bar for that window. Review the Personal Monthly Budget sheet and change the zoom level to 50% so you can see more of the data at once.

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