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Clinical Psychology bonus assginment

Completion of the bonus assignment (graded as pass/fail) will result in a 3% bonus added on to your final mark in the course if you receive a pass on the assignment. Two articles will be uploaded to Nexus. In order to complete the bonus assignment, you must provide a 1-page summary and commentary of ONE of the articles. Summarizing both articles will not provide you with additional points. You must briefly summarize the article in your own words, and then provide a brief commentary of your reflections and/or reaction to the article. The assignment must be submitted as a Word compatible or PDF document. The document should be 1-page, +/- 0.5 pages, not including the references page. The assignment should be submitted in approximately APA format, including a references page (even if the article reviewed is the only reference) and title page, but no abstract. The assignment should be in Times New Roman or Courier New, 12-point font, with all margins set to 1”.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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