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COMM 435 Gender and Sex

Gender/Sex Annotated Bibliography

  • To prepare for your Gender/Sex Essay, you will select a topic of interest from any of the chapters on institutions: (I Chose Gendered Pay Equity & Intersectionality) Here are some ideas for you ….
  • wages that occur between men and women, the lack of professional development in the workspace, hiring discrimination and inequities in unemployment, sexual harassment, and overall turn over rates. and conduct scholarly research.
  • After reviewing at least 7 scholarly journal articles related to your topic, you will select 3 and write summaries for each reading in an APA formatted annotated bibliography.
  • These will be the outside scholarly sources you will cite to support your analysis in your Gender/Sex Essay.
  • Your annotated bibliography should be approx. 3-4 pages or approx.750-1000 words.

Your annotated bibliography should be formatted in APA style.

  • Each entry should begin with a complete APA citation.
  • Then, you should summarize the main points and arguments made in the article.
  • Your summary should be 200-250 words for each reading.
  • Do not paraphrase the abstract. In order to ensure your understanding of the scholarly work, you should summarize the article based on its relevance to our course concepts.

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