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Communication for engineers- ENC3365

Hi I have uploaded all the requirements for the two parts

M1.2 Exercise: Writing Style reflection

Taking into consideration the “Writing Style” chapter you just read, reflect on the reading and your own experience with professional writing. Please submit your response to the following:

1.What is the most useful thing you learned in the “Writing Style” chapter and how will you use it in your own writing?

2.What does the word “concision” mean to you and why is it so important in professional writing? Do you have a strategy (or are you developing one) for ensuring that your own writing is concise?

3.Consider your own writing style in professional correspondence (i.e., emails for school or work, or other professional writing tasks you do on the job). How would you characterize your style? Considering what you have learned, do you think it is appropriate. How could your style be improve

M1 Document Series: Final Draft

To submit your final drafts of the Document Series correspondence, make a single document (Word doc or PDF) with all three correspondence.

Submit final drafts of your Document Series correspondence to the FINAL–Document Series project

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