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Company Analysis (Starbucks) for senior seminar final project

You will prepare nine-page paper analyzing the company (Starbucks) in each of the main areas you studied as part of your major.

For business majors, these areas include: 1) the legal environment of business and/or business, government, and society;

2) human resources and diversity;

3) marketing;

4) management;

5) operations management and/or information systems;

6) economics.

7) statistics and data analysis (only suggestion park, no calculation)

8) accounting (only suggestion, no calculation)

9) finance

You should cover each of these topics on one page each. The first half of each page should talk about the company’s existing situation with respect to the relevant topic, and the second half of each page should talk about your suggestions for the company with respect to the relevant topic.

***I will add supporting documents and an example. please take a look at ghe example and follow the same pattern with the graphs, font and footnotes.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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