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Comparative Homeland Security

Good evening. I’m working on a project and need support.

Make a comprehensive comparison of THREE nations….Italy, Germany, Japan

In your comprehensive comparison, you should discuss


  • The population of each of the three countries that you select (Use information from project one)
    • The size of the population
    • Diversity
    • Religion
  • The location of the nations that you selected (Use information from project one)
    • Where they are located
    • What are the hazards common to this location (natural, health-related, and acts of terrorism)
      • Indicate the occurrence of any of the hazards
    • How the intersections of these hazards make the citizens of each of these nations vulnerable
  • Thesis statement (this is the question that you are addressing in Project Two)
  • The sequence in which you will address the thesis statement. Make sure that you tie in the new information that you address.


  • The legislative and judiciary systems (Use information from project one)
    • The structure of these systems
    • The role that the systems play in developing and achieving the homeland security policies and strategies in these nations
  • Counter-terrorism laws
    • The laws and
    • The evolution of these laws (for example: if they had laws before the 9/11 event, why did they have these laws)
    • (do some personal research and cite all your sources)
  • Counter-terrorism strategy
    • The type of strategy (law enforcement or war-fighting or both)
    • Why are they adopting the strategy?
    • The type of policing strategy
    • (do some personal research and cite all your sources)
  • Emergency preparedness, Emergency response, and Management
    • What role does the military play (if any)?
    • What role do NGOs play (if any)?
    • How are hazard events managed? (for example; the British Gold, Silver and bronze system)
    • What are the approaches towards public education for preparedness, and can such an approach be implemented in the United States?
    • (do some personal research and cite all your sources)


  • See conclusion information below in the paper checklist.

Project Two Paper Checklist

Basic requirements: (40 points)

  • Cover page (points)
  • Minimum 15 pages double spaced (the cover page is not a part of the 15 pages) (points)
  • Times New Roman 12 font (points)
  • Page number bottom right (points)
  • Grammar CHECK AND TRIPLE CHECK (your paper will suffer if your grammar is inadequate) (35 points)

Content Point distribution (60 points)

  1. Introduction
  • Paper has a heading stating “INTRODUCTION” (points)
  • Paper explains why the topic is relevant to the Homeland Security discourse (points)
  • Paper identifies the thesis statement: THE THESIS STATEMENT IS THE QUESTION THAT YOU ARE ANSWERING. (points)
  • Paper identifies sequentially how you will address the thesis statement in the paper. (points)
  1. Discussion
  • Paper has a heading stating “DISCUSSION” (points)
  • Paper follows THE EXACT SEQUENCE indicated in the introduction section that the student will use to discuss the thesis statement (points).
  • Each idea identified in the sequence (in the introduction) is an italicized subheading with subsequent discussion ideas (points)
  • The analysis is supported by in-text citations in APA style (points)
  1. Conclusion
  • Paper has a heading stating “CONCLUSION” (points)
  • Has points that relate to the introduction (points)
  • Have ideas beyond merely identifying the introduction topics and discussing the student’s opinion about what was learned and the relevance of what they learned. (points)
  1. Reference
  • Paper has a heading stating “REFERENCE” (points)
  • All references MUST be in APA style. (points). Each reference MUST be cited appropriately in–text

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