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competitive analysis for a up and coming business

Week 4 Assignment: Competitive Analysis (PO4, CO4, ILO.B.SK.5, BIS.3, DL.4, AL.2)

For this assignment you will perform a competitive analysis. The goal is to expand your businesses competitive advantages; the benefits that your proposed business can offer the customer that your competition cannot provide.

Please include:

  • What unique obstacles exist for your company?
  • Review your top two competitors, explain:
    • what markets or market segments the competitors serve;
    • what benefits the competitors offer;
    • why customers buy from them;
    • as much as possible about their products and/or services, pricing, and promotion.
    • Is there a service that customers want that they do not supply?
  • How is your business going to compete with each of these companies?

This should be in a word document; At least three pages, APA formatted, Times new Roman 12 point font, and includes at least two references backing up your assertions.

Minimum 2 pages

Minimum 2 references

Do not submit an entire business plan

I have attached my previous 2 assignments to better help you understand what the bases of the business will be. this assignment has to go in line with last to papers . We are building a business plan step by step. Feel free to ask questions if need be. thanks

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