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Cooking as Inquiry

In this assignment, you will apply some techniques of the cooking as inquiry method by cooking one of your favorite recipes.Consider a recipe for a meal you enjoy. This could be a breakfast your grandmother cooked you when you were a child, a lunch you tried on a trip to another country, or a special holiday dinner.

Before cooking this recipe, begin this assignment by writing down the exact recipe and why you selected this recipe. What is the importance or significance of this recipe to you? Next, cook the recipe and eat the meal.After the foodmaking and eating process, return to this assignment.

Write about the cooking process, the ingredients you used, and how the recipe turned out on the plate. Then write about the eating process, what the meal tasted like, and whether or not you enjoyed the recipe. End your reflection by discussing any memoriesthat emerged during the cooking and eating process. Be sure that your finished reflection is drafted in a 400-500 word document.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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