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Critical Infrastructure/ CIKR systems analysis

  • Pick either the Energy Sector or the Emergency Services Sector
  • Select a supplier for that system (for example, if you were doing energy, don’t just select the United States, or a State, do your project on the southwest power pool…..
    • Do a detailed analysis of that system and supplier:
      • What threats and risks exist for that supplier?
      • If that supplier and the system it supports were to be disrupted for 10 days, what would be the anticipated impact?
      • Specifically address cascading secondary and tertiary (3rd level) impacts.
      • Specifically address any additional disasters caused by the impact (for example, the loss of a municipal water system may result in increased cases of water-borne illness such as cholera).
      • What challenges to recovery would exist.
    • Have any disasters or incidents reduced or disrupted that system in the real world?
      • Were there any lessons learned or After Action Reports (AAR) from that real-world incident?
      • Have any improvements been made?
    • How would you protect the supplier and the system? Be specific.
      • What shared connections with other CIKR systems may threaten the system/supplier?
    • You have 3 options to choose from for your project format. You may submit any one of these:
      • 10-12 page paper. Times New Roman, 12 point font. Single-spaced.
      • 30-45 slide narrated PowerPoint
      • A 20 minute video presentation.
    • Regardless of the format of your submission, you must have:
      • At least 10 references from reputable/credible resources. (See Wikipedia comment below).
      • Reference citations for all project formats must follow the current APA Standard (Links to an external site.).
      • For the narrated PowerPoint and Video submissions, you may upload a separate Reference/Citation document.

      • A comment on Wikipedia: It’s OK to start there, but don’t use it as a primary source. Back-trace the source articles from Wikipedia article to find more credible sources. I will not accept Wikipedia as a primary source.

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