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CRJ 242 Correctional Systems

The research paper must be based on one of the following subjects or topics.

  • Inmate control and management
  • The use of prison ships to house criminals and prisoners of war
  • The impact of the War on Drugs on State correctional facilities
  • The bureaucratic nature of correctional systems, both State and local
  • The culture found in correctional institutions
  • The effectiveness of probation and parole
  • The use and implications of incarcerating juvenile offenders

Research papers must be at least five (5) double-spaced pages or approximately 1,550 words. Papers should not be more than ten (10) double-spaced pages, with a minimum of three (3) references in addition to the course textbook. Research papers must be in the American Psychological Association (APA) format. The minimum number of pages required will not include the title page or reference page(s). The margins for each page must be 1” on all sides, and the font must be Times New Roman size 12. NO QUOTES!

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