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CRJS 2002 Ethical Considerations in Juvenile Justice

By now, you have encountered many theories about causes of juvenile delinquency and evolving societal perceptions about young people. The consideration of juveniles as separate could lead to ethical questions.

For example, to say one group based on age is more redeemable than another might lead one to question how one values all members of society. Likewise, the divergent treatment of different groups that commit the same crime but less frequently could be viewed differently by those who endure harsher treatment. In this Discussion, you engage with the complexity of juvenile justice by examining ethical considerations in the juvenile justice system


Analyze ethical considerations related to contemporary juvenile justice issues by responding to one of the following questions:

  • How necessary is a separate juvenile justice system?
  • To what degree does the juvenile justice system perpetuate discrimination?
  • Is it ethical to work toward keeping juveniles out of the criminal justice system while not offering adults similar opportunities at rehabilitation?

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