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Crucial Conversations

i have attached the assignment that was done by my friend last semester, you can simply change few things around and reuse it. you don’t have to look for additional articles or anything just use the same one in the assignment that i have attached. simply just change the wording around.

Please watch the webinar on Crucial Conversations by K. Patterson, J. Grenny, R. Mcmillan, and A. Switzler. Review learning objectives and analyze how and when managers may use the crucial conversation skills? Why possessing good crucial conversation skills is important? See webinar grading criteria

Student Learning Outcomes:

1.Analyze the elements of organizational design and examine the integration of components into organizational systems.

2.Evaluate the concepts used in designing Patient Care Delivery Systems

3.Explore the leadership role of the professional nurse.

4.Analyze the role of the professional nurseas a manager of client care.

5.Explore the role of the professional nurse in organizational management.

6.Analyze selected principles of health care economics and evaluate the financing and management of health care finances.

7.Consider the concepts of Quality Improvement.

8.Analyze the components of Human Resource Management

9.Analyze the components of Organization Change and its effects on patients’ outcomes.

10.Examine the future role of professional nursing in the health care systems.

please follow the fallowing criteria

Grading Criteria for Webinar

Introduction 1

Each as a separate subheading: Answer and Discuss Course Objectives or Questions Posted by an Instructor (minimum of 35 pages; excluding title and references page)

ConclusionReflecting Leadership and/or Management Implications in the Nursing Profession

References 35additional scholarly written articles (within 57 years)

APA7th. Ed.(citations, references, headings, formatting, spelling, grammar)

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