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Cultural Anthropology-Thomas C Patterson argues about Inca Empire’s change of production modes prior to Spanish contact

Write a 1500-2000 word paper on the question that follows using the book “The Inca empire : the formation and disintegration of a pre-capitalist state” 1997 by Patterson, Thomas Carl:

Tom Patterson argues that the Inca Empire was a class-stratified, state-based society, with a tributary mode of production. How was the tributary mode of production organized in the Inca Empire prior to Spanish contact? How did the Spanish insert themselves into this structure, and transform Andean society from the 1530s through the 1570s?

I’ve attached my personal notes on the paper, I suggest doing it in 3 sections: When they were Inca chiefdom then when they were an Inca empire, and then when the Spanish came. The very beginning of the text is what we are less focused on as it is much much before the time period the paper is on. Also more info should be on the Inca empire portion rather than the Inca Chiefdom. Since they were an Empire right before the Spanish had came.

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