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Current event critique: Autonomy

Using the research databases available through the Harford Comunity College Library, find a peer-reviewed article which addresses some part of the moral content of autonomy. You may address autonomy from either a patient or a medical professional standpoint. Then do the following.

1) Briefly summarize the key points in the article, and explain why this topic is morally important. (Limit to 1 page)

2) Critique the moral point(s) in the article, using one of the major moral theories covered at the beginning of the semester. These are Utilitarianism, Kantian/ Deontological theory, and Virtue Ethics. Include your own independent moral assessment and judgment (i.e. your well defended opinion) in this second part. (1 to 2 pages)

3) Include a full bibliographic reference for the article. Format the critique according to either MLA, APA, or Chicago Style guidelines.

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