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customer relationship management

read the book and answer the following six questions:

  1. Definition of relationship
  • Minimum two-party
  • “A relationship is composed of a series of interactive episodes between dyadic parties over time”
  1. How can relationships change over time?
  • aware, to trust and commit, and dissolve
  • Understand there are various phases, the importance of the evolution of relationship for business, relationship matters
  1. Why companies want and not want relationship with customers?
  • Give some examples and explain why some rationales
  1. KPIs to measure relationship/dissolution of relationship
  • churn, tenure, lifetime value
  • The calculation, the turn rate
  • Give me one example, to explain each of these KPIs to help us understand how businesses perform
  1. How to maintain the relationship at a profit
  • And why to maintain relationships at a profit
  1. Understand and apply the satisfaction-profit chain theory (the most important one, please write more about this question)
  • What are some alternatives to this theory
  • Understand each link and how to apply
  • Each link of the chain
  • CS – C Loyalty – Business Performance
  • Why performance is important

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