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Data Modeling, Normalization and Advanced SQL

  • Design a normalized database (up to 3NF) using the selected dataset as a base
  • Create at least 5 tables in total holding the data based on the data set selected
  • Include SQL code, screen shots, results and explanations
  • Create Database ERD using MySQL Workbench.
  • Include screen shot of the complete schema into your paperwork
  • Create relationships between tables using MySQL Workbench
  • Define primary keys, foreign keys, constrains, etc. using SQL
  • Include screens shots and explanations for each entity, table, attributes, relationships

Part 2: SQL Query Design

  • Design at least 3 SQL SELECT queries that would return data from multiple tables (at least 3 tables in each query) of your designed database
  • Explain what each query is for and what results it returns
  • Include screen shots and explanations for each screen shot.

Submission requirements:

  • Submit paperwork using .docx file in Microsoft Word format named as ALY6030_Assignment_2_[your name] .docx
  • Submit SQL script .sql file in text format names as ALY_6030_Assignment_2_[your name].sql

Paperwork file must meet the following requirements:

  • Introduction section
    • explain what this assignment is about
    • set goals and expectations
    • explain the selected dataset
    • introduce tools and languages you plan to use
  • Final conclusions section
    • Explain if goals and expectations were met or not
    • Explain cons and pros of using the tools, methods and techniques.
    • Explain what would you do differently
    • References (optional)

SQL Script file must meet the following requirements:

  • Only ,sql text format will be accepted
  • Each line of the SQL code must have a meaningful comment
  • Code should be executed on other computers without any modifications (add extra steps in the comments if necessary)

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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