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Museum Assignment

For this assignment, you will be going on a “scavenger hunt” at a museum. You are to view the museum’s permanent collection either in person or virtually via the Internet. After browsing the museum’s collection, you are to answer a series of questions, selecting artworks you think best illustrates the element or principle in question.

  • Museum
    View the permanent collection of one of the following museums:
  • Artwork
    The artwork you view at the museum should be
    • from the museum’s permanent collection, NOT from a current or past exhibition
    • a two-dimensional artwork, such as a painting, drawing, or mixed media piece
  • Paper Content
    After browsing the museum’s collection, you are to do the following:
    • Answer the questions below, selecting a specific artwork you think best illustrates the element or principle in question. Emphasis here is upon your locating what you feel to be the best artwork that illustrates the element or principle in question, not simply finding something that qualifies.
    • For each answer, you are to include a properly cited color image of the artwork selected. For proper citation and punctuation, see the example below.

      Paul Cézanne, The Basket of Apples, c. 1893. Oil on canvas, 25 7/16 x 31 1/2 in.,
      Art Institute of Chicago.

    • When answering each question, you should first define the element or principle in question, then introduce the artwork you have selected, followed with a “defense” or explanation as to why or how the artwork meets the criteria. Assume I know nothing and you are “teaching” me, using these works as illustrations.
  • Questions
    1. Most interesting application of symmetrical balance? Most interesting application of asymmetrical balance?
    2. A painting that conveys emotion through the colors used to create it?
    3. Artwork whose physical scale (size) or artwork whose scale/proportion of elements seems to affect how you react to the work?
    4. Painting where value is the dominant element?
    5. Artwork whose focal point immediately grabs your attention? Extra points if the focal point follows the rule of thirds.
    6. Artwork where the emphasis is on shape?
    7. Painting that grabs your attention through rhythm/movement?
    8. Artwork whose subject matter is composed predominately of line?
    9. What artwork is your favorite in the museum? Explain why, going beyond an “I like it” explanation.
    10. What artwork is your least favorite and why? Again, elaborate upon your answer.
    11. Conclusion: What have you learned from this museum visit?

      Terms and Definitions

  • Paper Format
    • a minimum of 2 page in length
      (paper length does not include cover page and images)
    • typed, double-spaced
    • Times New Roman, 12 pt.
    • 1 inch margins
    • must include a cover page and color images of artwork

      Museum Assignment Example

  • Grading Criteria
    • apparent time and effort invested in assignment
    • following and/or exceeding instructions
    • proper grammar, clear sentence structure, no spelling errors
    • thoroughness of answers; presence of supporting statements that further explain and/or define opinion-based answers

      Museum Assignment Rubric

This paper is to be written in your own words.
If outside research is used, please provide proper documentation
to avoid academic dishonesty.

Once you have completed the written assignment,
submit your Word .doc by clicking on the Museum Assignment title above.

Museum Assignment Instructions (PDF)

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