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Dietary Plan

Now that you have completed the diet analysis and a thorough assessment of your intake, take a moment to reflect on your findings. Please be as specific as possible in your reflections and goal setting. This ideally should be the most useful portion of this entire process. Type a 2 page response and attach it to this document. In your reflection please address the following questions.

Page 1: What surprised you about your intake? What was not surprising? Provide
specific examples from your macro and micronutrient journals. *Note: Level of detail
should be down to the nutrient. Examples: discuss your sugar or fiber intake, your
protein intake in comparison to your RDA, hidden sources of plant protein you weren’t
familiar with, etc. This page should discuss both the Macro and Micronutrient Journal

Page 2: Is this analysis consistent with how you thought you ate? Are you in need of much change? What specific dietary habit are you willing to change? Write a goal, using the SMART goal guidelines from the Goal Setting Discussion. Be sure your goal is realistic and will improve your dietary intake. *Note: This will be a goal to move you into the action stage of the Stages of Change Model. Please don’t say you will eat healthier. Be specific about what you are trying to change (decrease sugar intake, increase calcium, etc.). This should be based on an objective finding in either your Macronutrient Journal or Micronutrient Journal

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