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Discuss the following

  1. Define and describe business continuity.
  2. Define and describe disaster recovery.
  3. Discuss threats to an IT data center infrastructure and provide cloud-based solutions to mitigate the risks.
  4. Create a DRP for a company with which you are familiar.


  1. List each topic as an APA Level 1 heading (Centered and Bold)
  2. Use 50 – 75 words per topic to present your answer (200 words minimum; 300 words maximum)
  3. Use four (4) different sources (one per topic)
    1. Each in-text citation must have a matching reference in the References list
  4. Use at least two-peer reviewed sources. Your textbooks are not peer-reviewed sources
  5. To avoid plagiarism, ensure you credit ALL content retrieved from your textbook and online sources

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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