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Discussion 1: Advanced Youth Counseling 2

Hello Class! This week we are learning about the theories of development. For the discussion this week, I would like you to evaluate the theories listed in Chapter 2 of the text and choose two to compare, one theory you agree strongly with and one you do not agree with. Please briefly describe the theories, and your rational for agreeing or disagreeing with each.

Please respond to as least two of your peers, reflecting thoughtfully on their choices

Your answer should be 3-4 substantial paragraphs with at least five sentences per paragraph. APA format. No cover page. Single-spaced. At least one reference which can be the book. I will attach the book details after a tutor is chosen. This is for a graduate clinical mental health counseling major studying to be a therapist in the US. This is DIFFERENT than a psychiatrist or psychologist. Please write from this perspective!

Child Psychotherapy
by: Adler-tapia

is the book to access once I provide the log in details.

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