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Discussion #6

Discussion #6

A 46-year-old Veteran who had been deployed four times, first in the Persian Gulf, then Somalia, then Iraq, and last Afghanistan comes for crisis intervention with you after he was fired from his civilian job as an architect assistant because the new insurance carrier would not provide him with coverage due to his PTSD. His PTSD had been affecting his relationship with his children, wife, and other social relationships for many years. He said that his treatment at the VA did not help him, in fact he said it made him worse. During your work with him, you have been able to identify many cognitions leading him to feel sad and angry such as perceiving himself as a monster because he had killed over 20 people as a sniper, and thinking that he was a bad father because he exploded at his daughter.

1) Create an action plan for this veteran that entails next steps and treatment options. While you are not credentialed as a therapist/counselor, it is your job to know what action/next steps he needs to take. You plan should contain at least 2-3 actions/recommendations as discussed in the text that are appropriate for your client. (minimum of 2-3 paragraphs) – 8 points

2) Provide three detailed resources for your client. At least two of those resources should directly relate back to your action plan. Example – if you recommended a particular type of therapist, then you should provide a resource for that therapist local to your area with name, phone #, address, web site, etc. Additionally, you should provide an explanation (as if to your client) why you have provided this recommendation and how you feel it will be helpful. (minimum of 3 paragraphs) – 9 points

3) Outline a follow-up plan for your client that describes how you plan to follow-up with your client and how often in order to see if your client is complying with the action plan and if it has been effective. (minimum of 1-2 paragraphs) – 3 points

*NOTE – you will also need to do this for your client in your final presentation

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